wheels & automotive

The team at Crosslink Powder Coating of McKinney is experienced is producing professional results, every time.  We have years of experience coating many different automotive parts and components.  Wheels, off-road accessories, Jeep parts, and so much more.

We serve a variety of manufacturers from all different industries.  Our clients depend on us to provide a durable, high quality finish for thier products.  Examples range from retail displays to aerospace components.  

Crosslink Powder Coating of McKinney offers full-service powder coating with hundreds of colors and textured finishes available.  We have a large 8′ x 20′ oven to accommodate most projects, a pre-treatment system that includes a phosphate coating for proper adhesion and long coating life, and in-house sandblasting capabilities.  

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    Full Color Spectrum

    We want to make sure your project comes out exactly as you envision, so we offer a full spectrum of colors.  Custom tectures and colors are also available.  Contact us about your project today.


    LARGE 8' X 20' OVENS

    Our large ovens allow us to powder coat a wide range of products.  And we have more than one, so (almost) no job is too big.  Contact us about your project today.


    pre-treatment system

    We use a multi-stage pre-treatment system to ensure your product is properlty prepared for powder coat. It includes a phosphate coating to ensure more life for your coating  Contact us about your project today.


    in-house sandblasting

    The team at Crosslink Powder Coating of McKinney are experienced in sandblasting and can sandblast your project prior to coating.  Contact us about your project today.

    Full-Service powder coating for any size project

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